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cavalry The show "Ventus Orientem" is born from the association of 2 reenactement groups who worked together in order to reproduce the most faithful military equipment and military maneuvers.

The cataphracts, represented by the Portes de l'Histoire, are heavy cavalry from the antiquity. We reconize them with their defensive equipment : the horse is fully armored with bronze or iron scales. The rider, like his mount, wears also a heavy armor, usually made up of scales or mails. The richests of them wear neatly furbished helmets. The main weapon of these horsemen is the Contus, a long spear which can be up to 4.5 meters high. When this Countus is perfectly handled it allows the holder to pierce through several enemies, or to unseat riders. horses

The collaboration between the Portes de l'Histoire and Ordalies have allowed us to set up a unique show based on the savoir-faire of each. The show includes:
- A presentation of the cataphracts and the germanic infantry;
- The holding of an ordeal (judicial duel), where the best warriors of two tribes fight to solve their quarrel;
- A battle between the infantry and the cataphracts;
- Some explanations to the public out the show.