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Specialized in reenacting the late antiquity, we offer our services to organisers (museums, archeological parks...). Thus, we show various civil or military activities:camp

We set up a camp like we expect it was during the Vth century, and show to the public:
- Differents weapons and armors of germanic warriors;
- The migration period using an informative map;
- Historical clothing and fashion evolution;
- Traditionnal cuisine and differents usual ustensils (cooking done on the camp).

warriors On the battlefild we can show the following:
- Reenactment of scripted battles in collaboration with other troops;
- Explanations to the public of the differents manoeuvres and fighting techniques;
- Reenactment of a warriors training;
- In agreement with the organisers, we can propose to the public to have try on the various ranged weapons (bow, throwing axes, javelins), and also to take part in our manoeuvres.

archery In addition to these activities, and according to the availibilty of a secured area, we propose the following:
- Hunnic archery;
- Frankish axe throws;
- Javelins throws.
These shows are under our control and we will give advices and recommendations on the differents throwing techniques.

Except the ranged weapons presentations, all our fightings are secured and made with blunts.