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The expertise and the knowledge acquiered since the creation of the association in 2005 allowed us to be specialized in reproduction of facsimiles from archeological artefacts. Our partner D'Artkaci has been created by Ordalies members to craft objects, mostly weapons, but also belts, fibulae, and other jewellery accessories. D'Artkaci has especially participated in reproduction of antique objects for different museums. As a part of our activities, we reproduct equipments found in germanic tombs discovered across Europa. Thus far, 3 major tombes have been reproduced:

- The prince of Blucina's sepulchre discovered in 1953 in the region of Brno (Czech Republic, Moravia). The uniqueness of this tomb dated from the middle of the fifth century resides in their quantity and their richness. Thus, there is a very detailed documentation about it. The set includes a large sword with gold plate, a long seax, a cloisonné belt and its buckles, a pair of aglets, a gold bracelet, a silver cruciform fibula, a composite bow and its arrows, and some glasses.

blucina blucina blucina blucina

- The Gültlingen tomb discovered near Stuttgart (Germany) in 1901. This set belonging to a germanic warlord is a part of an vast necropolis from the fourth or the fifth century. Although the tuff ground has considerably damaged the iron artifacts, a whole Spangenhelm has been found. The set includes an iron and gilded copper Spangenhelm, a long ornamented sword, a shield, a throwing axe, a spearhead, a meerschaum belt buckle, a cloisonné buckle purse, a long seax, and a glass dish.

gltlingen gltlingen gltlingen gltlingen

- The Pouan treasure discovered in 1882 near Pouan-les-Vallées (France). It is a funerary set dated from the third quarter of the fifth century belonging to a wealthy aristocrat. This tomb has been a long controversy, many specialist linking it to the battle of the Catalaunian Plains which took place in the same region. However, recent studies place it after the battle. The set includes a long sword and its scabbard, a long seax and its scabbard, a belt with a large gold buckle and some garnet earrings, a torque, a bracelet, a signet ring marked with the name "Heva" and a small cloisonné buckle.

pouan pouan pouan pouan

Besides these 3 tombs, we reproduct some equipments from archeological discovers, like:

- The helmet of Saint-Bernard found in the Saône, near the Saint-Bernard village. It is an iron and gilt bronze Spangenhelm, and one of the few helmets dated from the late fifth century which is almost complete. It is decorated with geometric figures on the brackets, and a slabbing on the theme of vines and birds on the front band. These decorations widely used on these ceremonial pieces were probably made ​​by Byzantine workshops.


- The belt buckle of Kleinhüningen dates back to the middle of the Vth century, come from the necropolis of Kleinhüningen (Switzerland). It consists of an iron frame with a cloisonné center and decorated with alabaster.